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Beware (Covid 19)

digital-song-art-and-graphics-for-Tuned-Fork-Beware (Covid 19)-by-Rajagopal-Srinath

Featuring the Song, Beware (Covid 19).  

The Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) has resulted in the loss of many lives. Healthcare officials are working tirelessly to control the Pandemic and treat the infected until they either cure fully or breathe their last 🙏 Kindly relax and breathe while you read the following Poetic lines of compassion and hope during testing times 🙏

Do I greet you like a stranger with a hello, or rather stay away and be mellow. Should we talk like regular people, or watch each other’s faces turn purple. It is a slow and steady wrath of fate, arriving without a feeling of hate. It seems to spread consistently all over, ruining everything under its cover. While we unknowingly let it incubate, we get weaker and procastinate. How can I get rid of this enemy, as long as it lives within me. Will you fight well enough or stay weak, seek a friend in me or never speak. I can give you the assurance of a companion, without personal bias or opinion. You don’t have to really know me, if you could visualise every hope within me. The request was not from you, but from compassion that wants to surround you. As long as we breathe you have a flower, I’ll hold it for you with all my power. Time never stops for us, while the minutes we count now are in front of us. The good times back then passed without a fuss, now these fears lurk upon us. As long as we can survive, we will do our best and thrive. You may have ignored my pain yet seen it, I want to believe you didn’t mean it. Compassion comes without a tag of price, self-consciousness also is a bag of advice. As we all fight this disease, we have no one around or above to please. As the darkness moves away, whatever good remains will stay. If the efforts fail and result in loss, please continue to revise every effect and cause. Let me offer you a glow without light, together we can put up a feisty fight. Save the memories that remain today, do not let the precious fade away. Together we will overcome this, rebuild everything and find our bliss. I am not sure when I say this to you, but this could be my last message for you. I had something that needed be said, cause i’ve had constants in my head.

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