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International Mother Earth Day



Featuring the Video and Song, International Mother Earth Day. 

This is a special short Musical Film built with one purpose. To make us children (Humans) aware that it is time to shift into emergency mode with immediate effect and protect Mother Earth. We do not have any longer before she starts to completely fall apart. The prolonged sickness has taken everything out of her and she has no more strength left to fight the wounds we Humans have inflicted upon her. Come to think of it, we have grabbed natural resources for generations and centuries but her kindness was perhaps only limited to food. Even if she were generous enough (which she is) to help improve our Civilization with absolute Modernization, replenishing the Volume of resources we need will run into many Centuries. Nevertheless, we even managed to cheat and create dilution but the carnage on Earth never stops. Things would have been a lot different if the greed equation leaned more towards food and less towards leisure. Imagine what would we do if we had the kind of injuries that she does today. Would you be able to walk or even breathe? Don't you think it is our responsibility to give back what we take? Take care of Mother Earth and yourself too. I apologise for these emotional words but we must do something about this. I hope you can connect with my work and hear my call for help!


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