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International Workers' Day


Featuring the Video and Song, International Workers' Day. 

I'm on a Quest to capture all areas of Life such as different Eras, Sciences, Environment, Psychology, Spirituality, Inventions etc. and present these ideas as stories to the Universe with my Creative approach. I want to Produce this work so I can arrange free thinking among people with an interest and open mind. I would like to help expand the thoughts and imagination of free thinkers. Free-thinkers are often mis-understood or termed misfits amongst Society. The overrule refuses to understand Creative work unless it belongs to a regular medium and method of expression. For me, Art is not about what people understand but about what the Creator can do without any fear of being ranked or graded for virtue. Labour Day is that one day in a Calendar which helps me portray my approach and bookmark it for the professional World. I created the regime and the Creative platform called Tuned Fork through hard-work, determination and 2 decades of persistent focus. This is my CV and Work Resume.

To the Honest Creative minds - Let's get back to Work you are my universal A-Team!

This Video is Produced in Black & White to keep up balance and harmony in Society and any Culture!


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