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World Migratory Bird Day


Featuring the Video and Song, World Migratory Bird Day. 

The first phase of the Migratory Birds travelling long distances have begun. They flew before we invented Aircrafts and come to think of it, our predecessors probably looked up into the sky and played games  in groups each one describing what the moving objects drew as wings spread and flew across blue skies. Unless those  far away dots actually landed on grounded it was perhaps nothing more than illusions created by the most powerful Magician on this planet Earth called Nature!

Hey! That was the sweet part but in reality these magnificent birds are extremely vulnerable due to exhaustion, lack of food and water as they complete their Journey. Many of them don't even make it to their destination as they fly hundreds of miles without a stop. We can't rule out the possibility that Humans are in some or most ways responsible for the problems these birds face. I hope we can let Nature take its course without constant tampering and interferences.

Be what it may, this is the beauty of Nature. I capture this beautiful experience with a Song and Film like experience for you to witness my imagination. We have brilliant Creators who are out there with their Cameras recording nature at its best moment and time. They are the experts in Wild-Life Filming and Photography.


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