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International Day of Friendship

digital-song-art-and-graphics-for-Tuned-Fork-International Day of Friendship-by-Rajagopal-Srinath

Featuring the Song, International Day of Friendship.  

Do you know how many friends you have? I picked a random number and trust me, I have hit backspace a few times. There's at least over 10 million that exist and you probably don't even realise it. The Lives of all Living beings matter! Especially the ones that keep up Balance in a complex Eco System. We must Live through a food chain but do we stop at Hunger? What about entertainment, fashion or exotic food? All the damage Human Kind has done yet Nature/The Eco System has tolerated everything! Can you imagine what happens when peaceful silent Friends turn into foes? How long do you think Voiceless beings will suffer in silence. As the saying goes, 'A True Friend gives'. Nature has always given and given again... As far as Evolution goes, Humans don't deserve the title 'true friends'.

Our Social friends are busy campaigning for Gender, Ethnicity and Race. Our Industrial friends are busy influencing various Industries to divert Profits. Our Political friends are busy re-purposing demographics & public data for Votes. Our international friends are busy making deals with self-appointed puppets. All your important friends are putting up a show to make you believe, follow and turn you into a Customer. Most Animals just want you to get lost and let them be. They do not care about your Money, Ethnicity, Influence or Appearance. The younger generations have plenty time to Evolve into better Living Beings and restructure the mess made by ignorant people with a dysfunctional Genetic code! The next time you see an Animal look into its innocent soul. Everybody has their fears and so do I. But, let us try to approach the Eco System with a different perspective! I don't mean to encourage taking selfies with Crocodiles or play dumb charades with Snakes. That would be a Stupid (Human) thing to do. Let us be aware of our Food Chain and know that nature has our back while we dominate the other Species. Let us keep up the boundaries that will not overburden and ruin our Eco System. Most beautiful beings have a short life span and so does Nature.

The Music that I made for this day has very little lyrics, subtle melody of Deep House Genre and my thoughts. I have a few, true, glue besties that deserve everything and even my Life if need be! We do our bit for each other and have evolved together in life.

Listen to the Song


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