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World Population Day

digital-song-art-and-graphics-for-Tuned-Fork-World Population Day-by-Rajagopal-Srinath

Featuring the Song, World Population Day.  

(This is a fictional work of Art and Poetry and should not be taken personally)

If there is one thing that is dreadful, it is Population. It ruins all the hard work some good/intelligent people put into making the planet a safer and better place. I'm putting across a miserable feeling into the Song. When I choose a subject like Human population I want to expose the suffocation, the inequality, the greed, the corruption and a complete lack of balance. Everyone is chewing off bits from a depleting resource. People are Evil cause they are desperate to protect their Biological creations. 'Their Own', The count of "Their Own" has led to a parasitic expansion! Most humans like reproducing without a family plan and cherish the Creation of life! As they Celebrate Moments of happiness and a successful marriage, it is impossible to look beyond the Social taboo... People like to blame Nepotism and put out messages after losing good people. Majority of Human Population thrives on manipulation and most of them do not dedicate their energy into long-term goals! What have these people done when good is still alive? Shortcuts, quick fame, quick money... Thievery, Scams, Forgeries are after all a result of poverty and thanks to Population...

Talk about Nepotism when you have the courage to keep up balance in the first place! Educate yourself before you reproduce a Dumber version of you! These are the people of today! Imagine how much worse it can get tomorrow! Our planet has offered us resources to manage, innovate, conserve, use and replenish. It has been plentiful and vast but look at the past decade... The Human Population multiplies carelessly but gives back nothing in return... "I need this more than him/her cause I have a bigger family" It is in fact a shame to be celebrating this day... Nothing good at all... It is a Dreadful Date to mark the Human Population!

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