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digital-song-art-and-graphics-for-Tuned-Fork-Aigiri Nandini (feat. Late Smt Vijayalakshmi)-by-Rajagopal-Srinath

Featuring the Song, Aigiri Nandini (feat. Late Smt Vijayalakshmi).  

My grandmother always had a special interest in me. Everybody needs some guidance in life. Grandma was one among the rarest for me. She would console me on several hurtful occasions and tell me with her calm voice "Don't worry Raj, everybody will learn their lesson". This phrase made me believe that it is good to forgive and move ahead but make a single prayer that Karma should teach the Evil a lesson.

A family of Doctors, Engineers, Government Employees and Banks would look down on a Career in Music, consider it low standard and compare it to begging and prostitution. This is the upbringing of a Conservative Indian. Little do they know that Sheet Music is a derivative of Permutations and Combinations from the Pythagoras Theorem. People who live within ranks, degrees, examinations and certificates cannot understand that even Science arrives at a Conclusion based on a Zeroed value (not positive or negative) called the 'Equilibrium' and this value is that Singular creation. Our lives are based around fixated ideas not miracles! To survive, we must find a way to make these ideas support our lives.

Come to think of it, I started something that people usually looked down on, protected it for 22 years and made it work upto this point. My Grandma gave me mental strength which added a boost to fight back many hurdles in my developing stages. After I setup my very first Recording Studio in Bangalore in the year 2006 I decided to record all her lifetime's work. She had written 100s of compositions with Lyrics and melodies based on Classical ragas. I recorded the Vocals for this Song on a 1$ priced gooseneck Computer Microphone sometime in the year 2001 at home during one of her visits to Mumbai :-) Added to the Arrangement are Indian percussions, Didgeridoo, Djembe and many Sounds to brighten up the message of Victory over Evil. Never ever give up on yourself. Namaste!

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