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World Cities Day

digital-song-art-and-graphics-for-Tuned-Fork-Chill City-by-Rajagopal-Srinath

Featuring the Song, Chill City.  

The international community focuses on promoting urban infrastructure and growth but the year 2020 has asked humankind to take a small step back and look into the prospects and analyse the future. Cities have a very Pseudo lifestyle because it has characteristic people. Cities reportedly pay higher taxes and Governments would naturally tend to reinvest here. Many developing Cities grow exceedingly fast but many lag behind with corruption and poor standards. Quite honestly, there is never the lack of fund but exceeding amounts of wastage. When you actually look into the balance sheets you wonder and how. Doesn't it make you wonder how did Developed Countries do so well and their Cities look really organised and amazing.

We (as people but those in power) have a choice. The most successful Cities started out in Poverty and made it big. Those in power must either fix it or mix it. A DJ gets immediate attention by mixing a hit song after playing a boring Song while an Original Producer would take days and weeks to bring out a boring track :-) It is the value proposition that people are missing out for a small hit of pleasure. Developed Cities have Governments that actually reinvest into tax payers even if not a 100% transparent but reasonably well. Do you think I am wrong? but isn't this what we learn about from Developed Countries through their Media? The Media from Developing Countries are cross-funded by Powerful rivals to bring down those in power. In the end Civilization is the team work of power-hungry people but it is they who bring shame to our Home (City)

All this really makes you wonder what are Cities anyway. How does urbanization help us. What matters in the end is how well we make use of the opportunity and practise a healthy culture within the framework of Cities. Life is not just about where you live, what car you drive, how much money you make. Nature wants to give you wisdom, not status and it is your choice to adapt. I give you this relaxed laid back Instrumental Lounge Theme Music on World Cities Day. I want to try to help you heal your anxieties and add some calm.

Listen to the Song


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