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World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

digital-song-art-and-graphics-for-Tuned-Fork-Popsicle (feat. Rajagopal Srinath)-by-Rajagopal-Srinath

Featuring the Song, Popsicle (feat. Rajagopal Srinath).  

The biggest challenge in preserving history was perishable storage mediums. Almost nothing seems permanent today despite Scientific innovations and technology. Even Archaeologists were only able to revive what is left from ruins. The only undefeated champion that can reproduce facts and add some garbage over it is the Human Mind. This is 200% perishable cause I felt like adding some bit of garbage to that statement 😆 So What shall we do? Is it possible to live forever? That would be awesome cause those who Live can represent our lives forever.

Preserving Audiovisual Heritage is important and we need to find new ways to store what is priceless. Works of Art, Paintings, Computer Graphics, Television Programs, Feature Films, Documentaries, Musical Compositions, Soundtracks, Albums, Singles, Justin Beiber, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Boyzone 🤣 If we lose the Audio-Visual marvels of today what will we give the people of tomorrow? Bed time stories are good to sleep to but newer generations need inspiration and references based on facts for their Education and problem Solving. Don't you go to Wikipedia to learn something new? Or how about Social Media where you copy and paste Memes and GIF to impress your Friends and behave like you created them yourself. LOL. It is thanks to well crafted Storage mediums that you can transfer information and entertain yourself and people around you. However, you actually need to do your bit to share with future generations. The storage mediums of today are not exactly permanent and big-data mining corporations control this information. They focus on future corporations and will remove anything that is irrelevant to their progress. For example, are you able to re-locate important information on the internet that you could find many years before?

Preserve knowledge that inspires you and depend less on agenda based platforms. Many countries do not invest on it. Many developing countries have ignored this. Individuals like you and I have also disposed many archives in the trash bin. Value has turned invisible with the rise of Technology and Gizmos but hey we can change that from now. All we need for is to understand the difference between Entertainment and Empowerment. All this is information which I store on a Blog or a Website that you're reading. I've kept this website running since 2010 🙂 For this special Occasion I've Produced and Stored a Theme Song based upon Synthpop Music and the Synthesizer. The beautifully crafted Hardware machines with decades of historic value has given us Electronic Sounds right from the 1940s and 1950s when it was still considered as Static and Noise. Look at the transition today. Synthesizers have even made it into Software and will stay into the future. Music helps curb Noise and mental disruptions in our lives. Creative People from all arenas are handling and curing noise created by stress. I've taken a personal stand to keep all my creations and share it in multiple ways like this Blog, on Social Media, YouTube Channel, Cloud Storage, E-Mails and more. It is about time you find out what you wish to Preserve and make your collection. Celebrate nostalgia and enjoy my new creation 🙂

Listen to the Song


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