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digital-song-art-and-graphics-for-Tuned-Fork-Clot (feat. Rajagopal Srinath)-by-Rajagopal-Srinath

Featuring the Song, Clot (feat. Rajagopal Srinath).  

As I regained Consciousness everything looked dark and hazy. Both front Airbags had deflated. The steering collapsed all the way in. Music kept playing as I turned off the Entertainment system. I reached for the ignition but DSG had shut the Engine off during impact. In about 6 to 10 months I recovered from all the injuries and was able to use both hands freely. Few weeks into January 2019, I decided to trace back the entire incident.

I was driving in high-speed. A yellow barricade placed right in the middle of the Road without any warning signs, appeared suddenly. I severed the Car to the right to avoid a collision but there was very little space between the barricade and the Metro Rail Concrete Pillar. The Pillar cast a perfect shadow darkening the spot where this barricade stood. A Concrete block protruding from a concrete housing created a ramp like formation that launched my Car up in the air. I lost sight temporarily upon impact. My foot went off the Accelerator. Gravity pushed me back into my seat. A feeling of weightlessness and a sudden thud followed. My hearing strength faded. I could manage to hear Gravel and Sand scrubbing sounds along with Glass shattering. I fell unconscious immediately. When I regained, I put off the Music System and heard people talking. They reached out to me from the window. I released my seat belt but fell in side ways. I stood up, gave them my hand from the inside and they pulled me out. When I got out I felt fine and we positioned the Car back together upright. Then we hauled a crane to lift up the Car and put it on an empty piece of land away from the main Road. I took pictures and made couple of videos for insurance purposes then cleared up the heavy and light debris from the Road and sat down for a while. The entire incident lasted about 2 hours. Then I hailed a Cab and returned home with my injuries and let the mental shock take over and settle in. As I started to heal from the injuries the Clot was terrifying and quite unpleasant.

As World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims started to approach this year, it struck me that the Song 'Clot' was written and produced a few days before the accident around the 26th of December 2018. My accident occurred on the 30th of December 2018. Life was going through darkness back then. Even the Music I listened to had so much melancholy. Our Psychological state of mind can alter response time during critical situations. I'm not sure if hitting the barricade was the better choice instead of turning right. What I do know now is, many injuries will continue to occur in life and the bigger the Clot is, the uglier those Scars and Memories. If you have been a Victim and were given a second chance with Life, you should start over. The important lesson is to learn from mistakes, be more responsible for yourself and others. No Animals or civilians were victims in my incident. Authorities in backward Countries pay attention to Safety after countless Lives are lost. Several motorists crave for Road Rage. Ignorant people do not value their own life but instead, look at ways to Cash in on vulnerable situations. All of this is reason enough to keep up our guard. Always wear Seat Belts! I did and it saved me. Road safety is for everybody. Google search has plenty of tips! I hope you will enjoy my Song 'Clot' and take it positively.

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