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International Day of Tolerance


Featuring the Song, Tolerance.  

I want to share few of my thoughts on this Occasion. Tolerance is a very sensitive subject and I don't think writing about it justifies reality. It is a very complex matter and we would have to actually go back to the beginning of Civilization to get things right and find out what really went wrong. We have survived for generations because human beings tend to push differences aside, overlook problems and work around it. Obviously this creates imbalance and some of them will suffer the consequences. I'm not surprised if anyone told me that Corruption was a result of silencing intolerance. Can Humans really co-exist? I will take India as an example here. It has started to register a record number of divorces in recent years. Joint families with big Industrial Brand names have started to disintegrate. Many old age homes are surfacing in Cities. If we cannot Tolerate the only person we Love and care the World about, why would we Tolerate a Relative, why would we Tolerate a Neighbour, why would we Tolerate a Community, why would we Tolerate a Locality, why would we Tolerate a City, Why would we Tolerate a Country, Why would we Tolerate a Government that does not work towards the larger opinions of Voters! The Pyramid of Tolerance has already lost ground.

I'm voicing some of my critical observations because people will miss underlying problems unless we take the interest and speak out. A common Man/Woman is simply looking to get by a tiresome day-week-month-year-life. Designated Professionals really need to act fast but this is possible if the Intolerance reduces in their Professional life. An experienced Individual with a strong Educational background does not get the ideal Job title or raise. So many talented Professionals have committed suicide due to depression and lack of support by superiors. Who do we go to when Life is unfair. People in higher power need to really Listen! Experts need to focus and make full use of the Digital medium to spread awareness and grab the right mindsets. This also needs the backing of powerful like-minded investors!

I use Creativity and Art as a way to express myself. I run organic Facebook and Google advertisements once I publish my Work and I sincerely hope it reaches important people and we can work together on ideas to restore faith. In this particular instrumental theme, I experiment with Acoustic Sounds and mix it with Synthesized Guitars. As always, the Musical Notes and Instrument Parts are carefully Programmed and written by hand on Software without using Loops. Should I say, I do not Tolerate corruption in Art? I hope you can enjoy and connect with my Music.

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