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Hey there,
Tuned Fork is my Creative project and an alias for my Artistic side. My real name on the other hand is quite lengthy and I simply go by Raj. Okay what is Raj all about? Let me share some of my abilities and experience in this 10 minute read :-)

Music Creator

With over 25 Hours - 25 Minutes - 25 Seconds of original Music since the year 1998 when I was 15, I have pretty Much accumulated a large Music Library of my own Creations. They are not Remixes and imitations but 100% unique Works of Musical Art. I always work with a Purpose, a Theme or a Story when I take up a Song or Album. I do what Artists do whilst Painting on a blank Canvas. All of this is now available on several Music Platforms

Audio Engineer

I am alumnui of the year 2005 batch from SAE (School of Audio Engineering) in Mumbai, India. Oh yes! We had the best of Analog and Digital during those days. Digital is great too. It is important to improve our skills after we have acquired the training and I was already enthusiastic about Audio. I have worked as a Hobbyist, Consultant, Payroll Employee and Intern. I have travelled and worked on Projects. I spend a lot more time on Mixing and Mastering than I do on Composing and Producing which is surprising but practically true. It is a bit of challenge to be both the Creator and the Engineer of indigenous Art.

Visual Artist

Your mind displays many ideas especially when you listen to Music carefully. In fact, Many people prefer Vision to Sound and it is a proven fact that the Audience builds mental Images while listening to Sounds. Sound of Music as they say, is another advantage that I have with Tuned Fork. I have more Instrumental Compositions thereby giving me an Open Dimension for Visual work. Graphics and Album Art does wonders when people are looking for New Music on Music Apps like Spotify and Apple Music. A simple Album or Cover Art that I create tells many Stories to many people and it goes a long way into the future.

Film Maker

Freestyle Film making is fun and it happens in the moment. I love to just pick up my iPhone, set it on a tripod, turn on LED lights and shoot myself Performing a Song real quick. I use Motion Graphics and Video Clips in 4k to add Visualizations or collaborate with Video makers and Footage creators to Produce Music Videos. Sometimes I Perform the Sounds Programmed for a Song and Record it towards my Music Release. Let me add here that I hold a Diploma in Digital Film Making from SAE Bengaluru, India. This was part of my Degree Program (Lateral entry) in Media Studies during year 2009-2011.


The power trip I get from Writing is beyond Words! I took to writing very recently and indulge with Poems, Blog, Lyrics, Scripts, Dialogues and all of those Promotional Copies on Facebook and all other Social Media Platforms.Writing is an indefinite skill that does not depend on any Industry. It does not matter what Software you use. You can hate me all you want when I say this but there are limitations with Music and Art. Whereas with Writing, you can note down what you think, revise it till you feel happy about it, publish it, let it run by audiences, revise it and re-publish or even archive it. Imagine if you were to do the same as quickly and dynamically with a Song or a Video/Film? By the way, whatever you read here on ABOUT has had multiple additions and revisions :-) Like I said, The Power Trip is beyond Words!


A Composition/Production needs Instruments and Singing is one of them. Yes I consider Singing as an Instrument because technically it is one of the many Layers within a Song. I started Singing to add to my skill and began to understand that Singing adds variations to my Work Library and even fills a Void like how Writing does. I am too shy to Sing in front of the people I know, especially my Parents. Showing off in Public or being dramatic is not really my thing. Rather than maintaining raw Vocals I have a tendency to use Vocoder effects on my Voice and this adds to the Tuned Fork avatar.


My Live events are a collage of Music, Visuals, Singing and Performances. For the Music part I playback Studio works after transforming them into a Live session using illuminated Pad Controllers. For VFX, I use controllers to Playback Video Clips and Mix layers into Composites by adding Color, Particle and Motion effects to last output.

In conclusion, it may surprise you that one Man can do all of this. But let me surprise you even more cause this is only half of my skill set and we have not stepped into Comedy, Voice acting, Web Design, Cloud Computing, Network Security, Digital Marketing, Stock Market etc. as yet. There is more to this Human than just Professional work. I am also a part-time D-I-Y expert, Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter, Cook, Researcher, Organizer and last but not the least, loyal to my Elderly Parents. I Love animals and Nature. I enjoy peculiar Cats and Dogs. Animals bring real joy.

You cannot fulfill a dream and make a lasting career of over 22 years entirely on your own without vision, willpower, persistence, patience and wisdom. That does not mean only the ones with a million hits and likes are famous and successful. The World has too many short-sighted greedy people who will try to snatch your confidence. They will make any gifted but hard working person believe that it was your luck and not the effort. I tend to keep away from this Venom because I am sensitive. Well I make Art, so I am and must stay sensitive :-)

I have very few friends in number but if you are Genuine, you have a Friend in me forever until we last! Click on Links and Connect with me if you like.

Raj | Rajagopal Srinath | Tuned Fork

Updated - 5th October 2020

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