Tuned Fork is an independent record label and music-video production company that is situated in India. They have been consistent over the decades, as shown by the fact that they have released 555 songs as of the beginning of August 2022.

In the year 1998, the creator started making Music in his bedroom, and by the year 2003, he had achieved commercial success after having collaborated with a number of well-known artists and recording studios.

After receiving professional training from SAE in 2005 and a degree in filmmaking in 2011, the creator of the company established a couple of minimalist studios starting in a garage in 2006. In addition to having the necessary academic certificates and years of relevant professional experience, Tuned Fork is the proud owner of a trademark and does business from a home-based facility that is about the size of a medium-sized independent office.

Songwriting, singing, collaborating with other artists, recording, audio post-production, video production, graphic design, visual effects, live performance, web design, content writing, digital distribution, digital marketing, social media management, merchandising, and advertising are all components of our all-encompassing business model.