From being an unsigned ๐Ÿ› Music Producer in 1998 to what we are today, Tuned Fork maintains minimalism in the Record and Publishing Industry. We Create like an Artist and operate like an Engineer. Our Business model does not depend on Big Investments. Our Consumers enjoy our Music and Videos from major Continents including USA, Europe and Asia. We are located in Bengaluru, The Silicon City of เค†เคค्เคฎเคจिเคฐ्เคญเคฐ เคญाเคฐเคค  India .

Operative Method

Ideate ๐Ÿ Š  Estimate ๐Ÿ Š  Create ๐Ÿ Š  Circulate ๐Ÿ Š  Communicate ๐Ÿ Š  Evaluate

End to End Activities

๐Ÿ Š Music ๐Ÿ Š Videos ๐Ÿ Š Graphics ๐Ÿ Š Content ๐Ÿ Š Website ๐Ÿ Š Marketing ๐Ÿ Š Advertising ๐Ÿ Š Intelligence 

For New Creators

Many Individuals have changed careers and turned into Creators since 2020 and they look forward to working directly with Publishers and Distributors. Joining the right Partner would provide exposure and get you paid for hard work. We like to guide and empower fresh minds. If you're Interested in joining us, tell us your story. Contact us on [email protected]

Music Licensing

We own 100% rights in our Catalog. These are suitable for Films, Podcasts, Games, Videos, News, Events and much more in the future of Digital Entertainment space. Explore some of our works and if you like what you hear, write to us on [email protected]


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