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Featuring the Song, Clot (feat. Rajagopal Srinath).   As I regained Consciousness everything looked dark and hazy. Both front Airbags had deflated. The steering collapsed all the way in. Music kept playing as I turned off the Entertainment system. I reached for the ignition but DSG had shut the Engine off during impact. In about 6 to 10 months I recovered from all the injuries and was able to use both hands freely. Few weeks into January 2019, I decided to trace back the entire incident. I was driving in high-speed. A yellow barricade placed right in the middle of the Road without any warning signs, appeared suddenly. I severed the Car to the right to avoid a collision but there was very little space between the barricade and the Metro Rail Concrete Pillar. The Pillar cast a perfect shadow darkening the spot where this barricade stood. A Concrete block protruding from a concrete housing created a ramp like formation that launched my Car up in the air. I lost sight temporarily upon impa

International Day of Tolerance

Featuring the Song, Tolerance.   I want to share few of my thoughts on this Occasion. Tolerance is a very sensitive subject and I don't think writing about it justifies reality. It is a very complex matter and we would have to actually go back to the beginning of Civilization to get things right and find out what really went wrong. We have survived for generations because human beings tend to push differences aside, overlook problems and work around it. Obviously this creates imbalance and some of them will suffer the consequences. I'm not surprised if anyone told me that Corruption was a result of silencing intolerance. Can Humans really co-exist? I will take India as an example here. It has started to register a record number of divorces in recent years. Joint families with big Industrial Brand names have started to disintegrate. Many old age homes are surfacing in Cities. If we cannot Tolerate the only person we Love and care the World about, why would we Tolerate a Relative

World Tsunami Awareness Day

Featuring the Song, Tsunami.   For the World Tsunami Awareness Day I tried to bring some realistic Binaural type of Experience to your Ears. Although this isn't exactly Binaural, it has field Microphones doing a marvellous job and the Music connects you to a real-life Tsunami kind of helpless Situation. The Song begins with the regular rhythm of Beats and Basseline with some Hi Hats and patterns. It deviates into Panic when the Baby starts to Cry. Thereafter everything spirals out of controls as a Police Car approaches the Beach and another Accident takes place nearby. The Baby crying profusely as a Helicopter is trying to capture the current situation and it is already a bit too late even for a warning. Hence there is no siren to warn the Civilians enjoying a fine day at the Marina. The Man nearby screams in horror as he watches the Tsunami Waves look so large that it swallows him subtly but there is another loud Explosion which is an entire building getting destroyed by the large

World Cities Day

Featuring the Song, Chill City.   The international community focuses on promoting urban infrastructure and growth but the year 2020 has asked humankind to take a small step back and look into the prospects and analyse the future. Cities have a very Pseudo lifestyle because it has characteristic people. Cities reportedly pay higher taxes and Governments would naturally tend to reinvest here. Many developing Cities grow exceedingly fast but many lag behind with corruption and poor standards. Quite honestly, there is never the lack of fund but exceeding amounts of wastage. When you actually look into the balance sheets you wonder and how. Doesn't it make you wonder how did Developed Countries do so well and their Cities look really organised and amazing. We (as people but those in power) have a choice. The most successful Cities started out in Poverty and made it big. Those in power must either fix it or mix it. A DJ gets immediate attention by mixing a hit song after playing a borin

World Day for Audiovisual Heritage

Featuring the Song, Popsicle (feat. Rajagopal Srinath).   The biggest challenge in preserving history was perishable storage mediums. Almost nothing seems permanent today despite Scientific innovations and technology. Even Archaeologists were only able to revive what is left from ruins. The only undefeated champion that can reproduce facts and add some garbage over it is the Human Mind. This is 200% perishable cause I felt like adding some bit of garbage to that statement 😆 So What shall we do? Is it possible to live forever? That would be awesome cause those who Live can represent our lives forever. Preserving Audiovisual Heritage is important and we need to find new ways to store what is priceless. Works of Art, Paintings, Computer Graphics, Television Programs, Feature Films, Documentaries, Musical Compositions, Soundtracks, Albums, Singles, Justin Beiber, Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Boyzone 🤣 If we lose the Audio-Visual marvels of today what will we give the people of tomorro


Featuring the Song, Aigiri Nandini (feat. Late Smt Vijayalakshmi).   My grandmother always had a special interest in me. Everybody needs some guidance in life. Grandma was one among the rarest for me. She would console me on several hurtful occasions and tell me with her calm voice "Don't worry Raj, everybody will learn their lesson". This phrase made me believe that it is good to forgive and move ahead but make a single prayer that Karma should teach the Evil a lesson. A family of Doctors, Engineers, Government Employees and Banks would look down on a Career in Music, consider it low standard and compare it to begging and prostitution. This is the upbringing of a Conservative Indian. Little do they know that Sheet Music is a derivative of Permutations and Combinations from the Pythagoras Theorem. People who live within ranks, degrees, examinations and certificates cannot understand that even Science arrives at a Conclusion based on a Zeroed value (not positive or negativ

World Statistics Day

Featuring the Song, Statistics.   Here are some statistics considering this very new release and some others facts. Tuned Fork has over 500 songs available on several Music Platforms that include Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Deezer, Amazon Music and more. Platforms like Apple Music and Spotify keep up the largest market share seconded by YouTube Music. Deezer and Amazon stand at par behind these three followed by the rest of them like iHeartRadio, Napster, Tidal, JioSaavn, Anghami and KKBox. Yes of course I have my Music up on Shazam but this is more of a discovery service with previews. What makes Shazam interesting for Statistics is that they have user generated charts and I mean it's not anything like Billboard where only a handful rich Artists get a spot. If I haven't included a platform in this Post you should know that I probably do not have my Music on it. Why? either my Distributor has no tie-up or these brilliant platforms choose to not accept submissions. I do